Top Design Blogs to Follow in 2017

Top Design Blogs to Follow in 2017

Whether you’re looking for some truly out-of-the-box visual inspiration or some sensical business advice, design blogs and websites are essential tools for any professional designers. The internet is seemingly limitless in its supply of niche blogs, websites, and resources, but we’ve sifted through all the web has to offer to deliver you the cream of the crop.

As the new year begins we wanted to highlight invaluable design blogs, from those specializing in tech tutorials to blogs showcasing the most dazzling design works from around the globe. Fire up your browser and bookmark these must-see design blogs.

Beginning its life as a lauded print magazine, the HOW brand has expanded over the years to encompass several graphic design competitions as well as handy design courses and textbooks. For freelancers and in-house employees alike HOW Design features articles and guides that intersect the worlds of business, technology, and pure creativity.

The featurettes showcasing cutting edge design projects are a glimpse into the caliber of work any designer should aspire to. HOW Design offers interactive tools and free font packages regularly, along with practical guides for marketing and self-promotion so you don’t let your career suffer as your art flourishes.

Follow HOW Design on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram after visiting their website.

ust as its name suggests, Web Designer Depot is home to tons of useful tips and tricks that every web designer should keep in their back pocket. From the detailed and practical entries like this comprehensive argument for design system languages, to the lighter but equally enthralling posts like the full history of emojis, the articles on Web Designer Depot are like free masterclasses from the top minds of tomorrow.

The articles and blog posts here are written by passionate professionals with a keen craft for design and composition. There are several other categories of blogs to read as well if you’ve had your fill of strict design-oriented blogs, including posts on typography, JavaScript, UX, and more.

Once you’ve checked out the blog, give Web Designer Depot a follow on Twitter and a like on Facebook.

This refreshingly minimal and beautifully designed website originally began as a simple web design gallery, but has since expanded to include relevant tutorials, tips, and resources for the web design community. For anyone seeking to sharpen their craft, the articles here are streamlined and action-oriented so you can make strides to become a better designer.

Whether through collecting fonts and other packages of use for web designers, or in detailing the secrets to success when dealing with certain projects (like designing with a monochromatic color scheme), Design Bombs remains committed to the student by making the learning process straightforward and hassle-free.

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The Design Shack team works tirelessly to bring you the latest news and features to empower any budding designer to reach success. Don’t believe us? From their homepage you can see that Design Shack currently hosts 330 plus pages of web design content. Luckily, they’re great organizers – you can quickly click on several subheadings to find advice and tips related to mobile design, HTML, navigation, graphics, and more.

There’s no fluff content here – each article on Design Shack is jam-packed with well-researched information and industry advice that’s backed by cited evidence and statistics. Situate yourself at the front of the professional pack with the great resources at Design Shack.

Check out their website, then see what’s new on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In their own words, the main focus of Vandelay Design is to “to equip creatives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs with the right tools to make their business venture a success.” The blog is the heart and soul of the website, which covers a variety of design topics including Lightroom, Photoshop, typography, and the business practices of a successful designer.

What sets Vandelay Design apart is their vast collection of freebies, downloadables, and resources for designers and coders. Purchase the latest and greatest vectors, textures, templates, and icons in one place while you brush up on your coding skills or your social media savvy. Posts like this (that teach you how to build a web design business without code) demonstrate just how seasoned and innovative Vandelay Design’s contributors are.

After you’ve taken a look at their website, head over to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As a graphic designer or web designer there’s a trove of knowledge to acquire. Make the process of mastering your skills a little easier by following these exemplary graphic and web design blogs. Keep in the loop so you always know when the latest tech and updates to your favorite tools are released. And remember, when you’re stuck on an assignment, soak up some inspiration and let your imagination run wild.

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